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At Stone Cosmetic Solutions, we offer specialized treatments to help you with your beauty routine. Don't spend unnecessary time in front of the mirror applying makeup when you can have permanent cosmetics at the most affordable prices. Let us put our years of medical experience to work for you. All permanent cosmetics are applied utilizing all standards set up by the Center for Disease Control. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Reasons to Consider Permanent Cosmetics

  • To look your very best 24/7.
  • If you have allergies to topical cosmetics.
  • For convenience and active lifestyles (involved in sports or working out, makeup will stay fresh. Save time and money because you won't have to re-purchase cosmetics).
  • Difficulties in applying cosmetics due to vision problems.
  • Cosmetics don't smear, smudge, or wipe off.

About Permanent Cosmetics

  • Longevity depends on multiple factors, but typically will last 3-5 years. Maintenance is required to sustain true color because it will fade with time.
  • There is anesthesia to relieve discomfort during the procedure if so desired.
  • Colors are chosen based upon skin tone, color preferences, and personal makeup styles.
  • There is a vast array of pigments to choose from that are specifically designed for permanent cosmetics.
  • We utilize sterilized and/or disposable equipment as well as aseptic (sterile) techniques.
  • We perform a personal consultation for each client which is designed to discuss pertinent medical history for premedication which would be in the client's best interest; this is a good time to address questions and or concerns as well.

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